Bard CEP C2C Fellow network

Bard CEP C2C Fellow network is a national program for students in the higher institution and new graduates who are passionate about attaining the position of leadership in business, politics, environmental and sustainable policy.  They give vigorous workshop full of skills, knowledge and proceeding network to youth all over the country to make global revolutionary changes. The centre is located on the eastern shore of the Hudson River with a magnificent view of the Catskill Mountain (an attraction for visitors) at Hudson valley which is 100 miles north of New York.

Central Catskills

Barp CEP was found in 1999 by Joanne Fox Przeworski to promote education, research, and public services. It was built on the grounds of motivating youths to make an impact in congress, therefore, making them become state representatives, business heads, CEO of non-governmental organizations, congressmen, and congresswomen. Based on this, the director, Dr. Eban Goodstein built on precedent national effort making sure that youths who are ready to make use of their talent to achieve sustainable changes in environmental policies in the world are facilitated by the knowledge of science in policy making process at local, national and international levels.

Bard CEP has in its possession an accreditation by the commission on higher education of the middle states of colleges and schools and membership with some educational associations in the United States. Admission, employment, and services at Bard CEP are available to all categories of persons without discrimination. As regards to educational right, the centre follows the family educational right and privacy Act of 1974.

Princeton Review

According to Princeton review, Bard CEP was recognised as the best college in America for classroom experience with a full attention given to a student of Msc policy program compared to others.  Students in each class are quite small with full concentration of energetic teachers, practitioners, and researchers. Some of the qualifications and program available at Bard CEP are:

M.S/ JD is a dual degree program created to enhance student pursuing a career in relevant environmental decision making, M.S/ M.B.A is also a dual degree for student interested in career that joins skills in both policy and business, M.S/M.A.T is designed for students looking for higher knowledge in environmental policy and certification in secondary education. Also, Bard 3+2 program provides the qualified undergraduate student an M.S in environmental policy or climate science or policy within a stipulated period of time.

The extended professional internship is a unique part of Barcep CEP program where students go to an advanced level of internship within a range of locations. The centre helps the student get placement for an internship with the diverse institution. Professional experience is also gotten through peace corps service Over 40% of such internship turns out to be employment for most intern and every year, graduates get jobs as a result of integrated curriculum and a professional internship with capstone project inclusive.

The central part of the centre is the innovative graduate programme that either leads to masters of Science degree or professional certificate. It is one of its kind because of its skilled-based training, interdisciplinary approach that prepare the students for unforeseen challenges and skills to pursue their career. Graduates are also involved in either capstone projects to understand evidence based formation or thesis as a replica of professional experience with chosen field that cut across energy, toxic pollution, water, sewage, biodiversity, and environmental justice. Students derive their own topic dedicating a whole year to practical with six month theoretical analysis. Opportunities are given to the master student to present their research through the platform of master’s seminar. All these activities are mentored by two (primary and secondary) faculty advisory.


For any international or home based student with a leadership potential, committed to an apt environmental solution, and interest in graduate study can apply to Barp CEP. Applicants can be from any educational background but must have completed a college level course work in Algebra, two physical or natural science coursework and statistics.  Applicants can apply online with $65, write a personal statement addressing your professional and educational interests in relation to environmental policy issues. You have to submit a paper work, 3 recommendation letters, school transcripts, and Graduate record examination or GMAT.  If the applicants are in need of financial support, then FAFSA form must be completed then the form can be submitted. An interview will be scheduled for the applicant. Some of the important parts of the application that will be put into consideration are applicant statement of purpose, general writing skills, important work experience, and faculty and employer evaluation. Financial aids and scholarships are granted on the grounds of academic performance on a yearly basis to every student except the government and student loan that is only borrowed to citizens or permanent residents through direct federal loan and grad PLUS programs.

There are lots of archives of seminars and past events on business sustainability and national climate which are still going on up till date. Field trips to expose and widen the knowledge of students are also part of experiences they undergo during the course of study. Students on a yearly basis give testimonies of mind blowing multidisciplinary experiences and career success for studying at Bard CEP but how does this memory stay in their heart without fading away. Have you been thinking about how to share the experience, events and moment spent together with your colleagues or teacher as an appreciative gift? Turning your photo into text, you can bring your aspiration into fulfillment by turning an image into your own words that come from your heart through our Artwork. Special Pictures that were taken alone or with friends, classmates and even with or of a favorite Mentor can be turned into an artwork mounted on a ½” ultraboard print. When you walk close to the print, you will be able to read the word, and when you draw back, you can see the picture.

The image will be printed with a UV resistant ink which keeps the color the same and also utilizing the latest printing techniques known as “Giclee printing techniques.” With energy efficient method used in producing our artwork mounted print and natural renewable resources used such as the sun and the wind, the artwork adds decency and beauty to the vicinity. In the light of this, our art work can stay longer undamaged because of the standard photo paper and a quality frame that makes it strong.

You can either order the image printed and mounted, on the other hand, you can order the image as a jgp file to send or print it on your own. But if you print it with us, it will be delivered laying on ultraboard. We ship FedEx. Therefore, your artwork is insured and will be delivered on time. We assure you a neat and excellent well done job with a safe delivery directly from the studio.

Never allow the experience you had at Bard CEP to fade away, live in the moment and don’t hesitate to show your gratitude to a teacher or mentor who impacted so much in your life through an artwork turned into words of your own.